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'Goldleaf Chocolate' the ultimate luxury!
Enjoy the most luxurious combination: 23 Carat edible gold and Belgian plain chocolate. Filled with a delicious creamy chocolate filling.

Gold and Chocolate, two of the largest seductions in the world.
Gold, you can wear it around your finger and your neck as a jewel, but eating it?
Yes you can! This 23 carat gold leaf is really edible, and in combination with the Belgian plain chocolate with 70% cocoa, a tasty experience.
All this packed in a luxurious present box! A real splendid present for everyone who appreciates luxury, and knows to enjoy it.

The edible 23 carat gold leaf of ‘Goldleaf Chocolate' complies with the EU (E175 gold) and V.S. concerning food regulation on food additives.